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Hi, I’m Claire and I’m a small business consultant.  After 17 years of working in major companies, I’ve built a wealth of experience in sales, marketing and strategic insights.  I’ve also started my own small, but rapidly growing online business, Red Kite Days, where I’ve honed my social media marketing skills.

With a passion for business, I love working collaboratively to develop effective business strategies, resources and techniques to help my clients realise their dreams.

As a small business owner you soon find you need to be a master of all trades, from finances to marketing and customer service to product development.  If you’ve got great products or services but you’re struggling with sales, or your business is accelerating but you can’t keep up or don’t know where to go next, then West Lawn Consulting can help.

If you’d like to find out more about how I can help you step change your business, the first step is a free discovery call.  This gives you the chance to see if we’re a good match and for me to understand your challenges.  There will be no hard sales, just an informal chat and you’ll never be made to feel pressurised.  Sometimes it’s just good to chat!

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